Crotched Mountain Race Club

2019-2020 Season Crotched Mountain Race Club WebSite


The Crotched Mountain Race Club website  ( is the central place for news, schedules, pictures/videos and communication for all Crotched Mountain Alpine racing programs.

To be able to access these services, each athlete -- or a parent/guardian representing the athlete -- needs to register for the website using this form. This registration is free and should take only a couple minutes to complete, 

NOTE:  This is the registration for the 2019-2020 season. In order for you/your child to be placed on a roster and receive communications for his/her team, you will need to register for the current season even if you were previously registered.

If the athlete is at least 13 years old and currently has an email address or smart phone (iPhone or Android based phone) we recommend letting the athlete register themselves. During the registration process an athlete will need to provide parent/guardian information that will allow  each parent/guardian to receive all communication directed to the athlete.

If you have any questions regarding the Crotched Mountain Race Club or registering for access to the Crotched Mountain Race Club website, email: